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The primary aim of WidYa is to gather and share quality online courses that would have been difficult to find. Most of the online education websites cannot compete with search engines. We find the websites information and put it in a place so that learners  can access it. This process ensures that the learner finds the information that they actually need in one place rather than many irrelevant results from a search engine.

As part of the aggregation process, the data that is collected is the latest that is available. So if you are looking to learn something about a specific subject, you will at least know that what you’re reading is everything that has come out recently about the topic.



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Confused by all the educational content available on the Internet spread over multiple websites and portals.

WidYa provides a solution by fetching the best courses from all over the internet and placing them at one place for you


We’re incredibly proud of our search technology, which focuses on delivering the best, highly rated academic courses that will help you gain the knowledge you seek



Just search the keyword in the search bar and our enthusiastic bots will sieve through the internet and fetch the best courses for you


Our State of the Art Search Technology helps you to pick Stand-out Courses easily and Quickly


Collaboration with multiple juggernauts in Online Courses field, Empowers you to pick and choose the path you want not what someone else wants you to

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